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Retrospect has the aim to convey to young people the sense of belonging to today’s global society, to bring forth their sense of responsibility towards the issues that affect our planet, and encourage them to become the leaders and thinkers of tomorrow. We envision a world comprised of civically engaged people who strive for peaceful, multilateral conflict resolution and equitable, sustainable human development.

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The Opioid Crisis In Barrie

Tatum Ellwood
“The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. It is human connection.” - Johann Hari Simcoe County has experienced a spike in opioid related overdoses and deaths in recent years, a number aggravated by the concurrent global health crisis. In the 22 months since the onslaught of COVID-19, there have been 282 opioid-related deaths in Simcoe Muskoka: a 75% increase from statistics available before March of 2020. As the pandemic absorbed government time, focus, and resources, the opioid crisis has quietly grown out of control.

How to Get Into College/University For Free: A Guide

Alexandra Murray
The obvious pathway for most high school students is to attend post-secondary, but money quickly becomes an issue for many. With the cost of post-secondary education on a steady uphill, students need to manage their finances responsibly. But what if I told you that there was a way to get into university or college for free? Is it as easy as a finger snap? No, but if you are devoted enough, anything can happen.

Dear Adrit

What are the best ways to deal with stress? Dealing with stress is different for everyone, some strategies work and some don’t. There isn’t one strategy that works for everyone. However, the strategies I use to deal with stress include: 1.) Sleeping 2.) Talking to people 3.) Eating well 4.) Taking Breaks 5.) Save time for Hobbies. However, these are by no means the best ways to deal with stress, the best way to deal with stress is what helps you the most.

How Exercise Helps Your Mental Health

Karla Casimir
Most people can identify that taking a run after a stressful day made them feel better. That does not directly solve the problems at the core of the stress but it likely helps a person debrief, unwind/relax, and maintain a reasonable amount of mental energy for the next day’s challenges. I also believe that exercise has many other significant long-term positive effects as well. Although many people experience at least a mild mood-enhancement effect within five minutes after moderate exercise, measurement modality is critical.

School and Social Media

Rachel Shaw
Many teens and other students would personally relate to feeling stress due to school, work, relationships– is there anything we don’t worry about? Balancing academic responsibilities and social pressures proves difficult, especially when accounting for COVID concerns. Additionally, social media only adds to our issues. How can we maintain healthy and balanced lives when we have all of this on our plates, and still get everything done? Sometimes, it feels as though everybody has ‘it’ figured out.

The Negatives of Extensive In-Game Spending in Today’s Teens

Amanda Chow
Spending money on games is nothing new, as this habit has existed for years. From needing to buy a physical Monopoly set to purchasing skins on Valorant, money plays a major role in the quality of most games—even if they’re labelled as F2P (Free to Play). Why exactly is this evolving into a drastic issue, then? It all boils down to the rising age of technology, media, and video games. At first, this may seem like a joke or a simple topic blown out of proportion.

Alumni Interview With Rabab Azeem

There are many students that come and go from Barrie North, but have you ever wondered how and what they are doing right now? Retrospect had the perfect opportunity to interview a former Barrie North student in order to ask a little bit about their post-secondary experience. The alumni who I got to interview was Rabab Azeem, who has just finished her second year at Queen’s University for computer engineering. Rabab graduated in 2020 as a schulich leader.

I Hate Crumbs

I hate crumbs. Of the quadrillion atoms that compose the nature pack of Doritos, I only scuffle with a fragment of it. To place such a high disregard on a favorable snack for entire generations to come sounds statistically absurd due to a couple of crumbs, but that one case changed 100% of my life. Late nights I would spend stressing over the grades I would need to achieve the chips were my only source of comfort.

About AI

When you think of artificial intelligence, or AI, what do you imagine? Maybe you think of a computer that can think, talk, and move like a living human being. That kind of thing is off in the far future, right? Well it might be closer than you think. Computers can already do all of these things, sometimes less efficiently than a human can, but they are steadily making swift progress.

Unpacking The War In Ukraine

Alexandra Murray
Teens today are already experiencing a global pandemic. Now there’s an entire war on the rise. From what I’ve researched, the articles explaining the conflict do little to describe why this is happening. I found myself staring at these 5-page articles trying to figure out what all of this means. With the help of time and an interview with Melinda Haring, the deputy director of the euro-Asia center on the Atlantic Council, now I understand.